Summer reading

Over the summer holidays I read the Tales of the Beedle the Bard by J.K.Rowling.

I really enjoyed reading it.


Summer reading

Over the summer holidays, I read a book called A cat named Tiger and it was sad at some parts but exciting at others.


Spy School

This book is fab. It feels a bit like an Alex Rider story only this boy – Ben is more into maths than unarmed combat.
It was very funny in parts and quite exciting. 9/10

Mrs. H.

Summer Reading Challenge

Well done !

Ruby and Mrs. H., I’m vey pleased that you have completed the challenge and shared your books with us.

Has anyone else finished?


Summer Reading Challenge

To Bob,
For my last book of the 2017 summer reading challenge I decided to read it on holiday. I thought that this looked like a very good book, by Holly Webb, so I took it for my last book. I was right it was so good! It was about a girl who loves this beautiful little puppy called Henry, Henry’s owner doesn’t care for him whatsoever and doesn’t even take him for walks! Finally, his owner gives in, and lets the little girl take him home! He then lives a very happy life with her. 10/10!


Hi Ruby,

Blob is my favourite David Walliams book – I know it’s a bit short but I love all the crazy ideas Bob comes up with to get visitors to notice the animals with big noses.

Mrs. H.


Recently, I have finished the book Blob by David Walliams! It was about a boy called Bob (like you), who meets a Blob fish. Bob loves this fish because they both have strange faces. In the end, Bob gets to take the blob fish home from the zoo! 10/10!


Summer Reading Challenge

Hi Bob,
I’ve finished!
I have read 6 books through the summer.
Book number 6 is The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan, I’m a big fan of the Percy Jackson books so I wanted to try this other series by the same author.
It was very exciting and I learned a lot about Ancient Egyptian mythology. The main characters are a brother and sister thrown together by the search for their missing dad.

It was a really gripping story, well worth a try. 10/10
Mrs. H.

Summer Reading: Princess Academy

Book number 5 The Princess Academy by Shannon Hale.
This is a book that I read a few years ago and enjoyed very much so I was unsure if it would still be as good. It was better than I remember!
Girls from a small mining village in the mountains are sent to be educated ready for the prince to pick from their group to be the new princess. Sounds mad but makes sense when you read it, not only do they learn to read but are told about life outside their community and are taught diplomacy and economics.
Because the mines are so loud they have their own special way of communicating and this skill comes to their aid when bandits attack.
Very exciting and not at all ‘girly’.
Give it a try.
Mrs. H.

Summer Reading Challenge

Book number 4 The Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey – this was not one I had on my list but a book I picked up second-hand.

It is older than me and sometimes you can tell, like the main character Detective Grant smokes in his hospital bed!

This author writes crime stories, She has the poor detective  stuck in hospital with nothing to do. A friend brings him pictures of people from history who were accused of committing crimes.

He is surprised by the portrait of Richard III and with some help from his friend, a police officer, an American student and the nursing staff he tries to solve the murder of the Princes in the Tower.

Very clever and believable.


Mrs. H.