Hi Worms,

It’s great so see you are enjoying your reading. I can’t wait to hear how the books end!


The Sand Dog

Hi Bob,

I want to tell you about my book, it is really mysterious and exiting, I’m really enjoying it at the moment .

It’s about a boy whose grandfather went away and 3 years later he still hasn’t come back.

The boy is too impatient to wait for his grandfather to come back home from sea.

I’ll tell you how it ends.


Hi Bob ,
I would like to tell you about my book . My book is Boy Under Water and it’s really funny because when he goes to the bottom of the pool he stays under but when some one pulls him out his swimming trunks fall off.
He has a really weird name.
I’ll send you a message soon, bye.


Summer Reading Last 2

Well Bob, I have finished my summer reading challenge.

I have now read 6 books – my last 2 are:
Running on the roof of the world by Jess Butterworth and Takeshita Demons by Cristy Burne.

The story behind running on the … is 2 children from a village in Tibet are trying to escape the Chinese soldiers that are terrorising them and seek help from the Dalai Lama in India. They have a very difficult journey across the mountains. I enjoyed this book even though there are sad bits.

Takeshita demons was okay. I thinks I might enjoy it more if I read manga, I believe they have similar stories.

The Jamie Drake Equation

Hi Bob,

Summer reading challenge number 4 by Christopher Edge. I’ve not read one of his books before – Jamie (the boy in the title) has a very famous dad who is an astronaut.

His dad is on the International Space Station and is about to do a space walk. Jamie’s whole school has gone space mad with fancy dress and painting of alien worlds.

It gets a bit much and he walks up to the old observatory to be alone – only he is NOT ALONE…

Read it, it’s great.

Mrs. H.

More summer reading

Hi Bob,

Book number 2 turned into book 3 as well. I found the last Jimmy Coates book – ‘Blackout’ and read them both. Jimmy is only 12 but he has a programme inside him that is turning him into an assassin. Sometimes his human side has a problem dealing with the machine in his head and sometimes he is glad to let it take over – he gets into some real scrapes. The end of Blackout is really good but leaves us with some loose ends in case the author wants to write some more. Very exciting – these books really move fast!

Mrs. H.

Summer Reading

Book number two – Jimmy Coates: Power by Joe Craig. I have just started reading this book, it is the sixth book in the series and should be very exciting.
Jimmy finds out he is ONLY 38% human and has been engineered to be a government assassin.
I’ll tell how it turns out.
Mrs. H.

Summer Reading – Dragon’s Green

Well, that was a good book!
By the end we have a group of kids that will have to learn how to use their gifts to save us all, sound like a book you know?
There is a bit of Harry Potter in this story but how could you write about school kids and magic without a hint to the great HP books.
The story moves quite fast, all the action only takes about two days. I think there will be a series of books to tell the whole tales of Effie and her new friends.

Mrs. H.

Summer Reading Challenge

Hi Bob,
It’s summer! That means the Reading Challenge is about to start. I’m on my first book – Dragon’s Green by Scarlett Thomas. The cover looks very exciting and you can clearly see a dragon flying across the moon. I haven’t reached that part yet but it is already gripping.

Mrs. H.


Hi Bob,

We have voted – and the winner is… Blob.

Mrs. H.