The Hidden Oracle

This book is the first in ‘The Trials of Apollo’ series. I had great fun reading this book. Apollo is thrown down to Earth as a teenager as a punishment and finds being mortal a real pain. If you haven’t read the other Percy Jackson books you can read this, but it helps if you understand what has happened before.
A fab, exciting book – read it!

Mrs. H.

Billionaire Boy

A few weeks ago I finished a book by David Walliams. My favourite part in the book is when it talks about how many bathrooms they have in their house and it was really funny. The sad part is when the loose their mansion and all their money because Joe’s dad Len made toilet roll and one of them made everyone’s butts purple (even the queens and Joe’s.) But luckily at the end they moved in with Joe’s best friend Bob. Len married Bob’s mum which made Joe and Bob brothers.