Summer Reading Last 2

Well Bob, I have finished my summer reading challenge.

I have now read 6 books – my last 2 are:
Running on the roof of the world by Jess Butterworth and Takeshita Demons by Cristy Burne.

The story behind running on the … is 2 children from a village in Tibet are trying to escape the Chinese soldiers that are terrorising them and seek help from the Dalai Lama in India. They have a very difficult journey across the mountains. I enjoyed this book even though there are sad bits.

Takeshita demons was okay. I thinks I might enjoy it more if I read manga, I believe they have similar stories.

The Jamie Drake Equation

Hi Bob,

Summer reading challenge number 4 by Christopher Edge. I’ve not read one of his books before – Jamie (the boy in the title) has a very famous dad who is an astronaut.

His dad is on the International Space Station and is about to do a space walk. Jamie’s whole school has gone space mad with fancy dress and painting of alien worlds.

It gets a bit much and he walks up to the old observatory to be alone – only he is NOT ALONE…

Read it, it’s great.

Mrs. H.