Beyond the Odyssey

Hi Bob,

My book is full of surprises and it is quite sad.
You’ll need to have patients though, because the book ends on a cliff hanger so, you need to wait for the next book to be written.

The Sand Dog

I am readingĀ  The Sand Dog at reading club.

I like when the dog turns up for the little boy.

I hope to speak to you again,



Charlie and Me

Hi Bob,

Even though I haven`t read much, I really like this book so far.

Boy underwater

Hi Bob,
I am reading boy under water.
So far it is really good and I’m really enjoying it.

The Infinite lives of Maisie Day

Yo Bob,

My book is very confusing because every chapter changes dimension because on the odd chapters it is happy and on the even chapters a black hole is devouring her house.
Overall, I wouldn’t recommend it.
From Ted


Hi Bob,

At book club I am reading Grandma Dangerous and the Dog of Destiny and my friend Leah is reading I Swapped my Brother on the Internet.
At the moment the book s are very funny for Grandma you have to keep a close eye out for her or she will go and do something sly and sneaky we find them really good and would defiantly recommend.
Amber and Leah


Hi Bob

I am reading a book called to theĀ  edge of the world.

from KaceyLou


HI Bob
I would like to talk about my book called Ariki and the Giant shark.
I really like this book and I would like to recommend this book to people who like the movie Moana.
It is very much like Moana as it is set in the sea and they all have tattoos. It a bit of an adventure but not just an adventure story quite yet so if you like sea, water and animals this book is just for you.
There is an island that is turtle shaped so there are animals like turtles pigs and sharks and many other sea creatures.
Thank you Bob.


Hi Worms,

It’s great so see you are enjoying your reading. I can’t wait to hear how the books end!


The Sand Dog

Hi Bob,

I want to tell you about my book, it is really mysterious and exiting, I’m really enjoying it at the moment .

It’s about a boy whose grandfather went away and 3 years later he still hasn’t come back.

The boy is too impatient to wait for his grandfather to come back home from sea.

I’ll tell you how it ends.