Favourite book


My favourite book is The Secret of Weeping Wood because there are ghosts in the second chapter.

Ryan H.


Hi Bob,

My favourite book is Tommy Niner and the Planet of Danger because they go on an adventure to find his dad.



Hi Bob,

My favourite book so far is The girl who thought she was a dog – because I love dogs.


Tom Gates Epic

Hi Bob,

I like this book because there are funny character and cool doodles.



Alfie the Holiday cat

Hi Bob,

How’s your day been?

I like this book because it is the most hilarious book in the world!

Sarah H


Hi Bob,

How are you today, my favourite book is called The Snowman.

It is a bit like the film but different because the characters talk! When the snowman talks I feel like I am there with my dad.

I hope to speak to you soon,


Tom Gates

I like Tom Gates: a tiny bit lucky because the book is going through different adventures with Tom, Mr Fullerman solid, Norman, Derek, Marcus and the others. The best part is when Tom’s class 5F make pizza.


Hey guys,

I’m so pleased to see you all reading new books – and enjoying them.

Well done!


Beyond the Odyssey

Hi Bob,

My book is full of surprises and it is quite sad.
You’ll need to have patients though, because the book ends on a cliff hanger so, you need to wait for the next book to be written.

The Sand Dog

I am readingĀ  The Sand Dog at reading club.

I like when the dog turns up for the little boy.

I hope to speak to you again,